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We focus on bringing you the most important and timely news from the United States and around the world about the political state of play in the context of global events.

Political State is built on the talent and dedication of a team of smart, honest, and dedicated writers and researchers to bring readers up-to-the-minute reporting and progressive insight. Our team is entirely self-funded, drawing revenue from committed advertising partners and sponsors who believe in our vision. As part of our core philosophy, we are explicitly opposed to dark money in politics and media, and we do not receive any funding from undisclosed organizations or individuals.

Our lead writer, Calum Stuart, comes from a background in activism and political organizing at a local and state level. His home near Washington State’s Capitol building in Olympia puts him in a position to get first takes and analysis from trusted sources and turn that into hard-hitting reporting and opinion for our readers.

We are committed to correctness and truth. In the event that we unintentionally make a mistake, we will update the article in question and post an immediate correction. For opinion pieces, opinions expressed by the authors in the context of an article or online statement are the opinion of the author specifically, and may not represent the opinions of the editors, or publishers.

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