Trump Administration Literally Requests To Send Money To Taliban Even Though They’ve Killed Americans

This might be the craziest thing they've done yet.

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In a shocking new report from Congressional Quarterly’s Roll Call, details of a funding request by the Trump administration that absolutely boggles the mind surfaced in the form of a bill that expressly forbids the exact thing that Trump and the Pentagon have asked for.

Kevin Spicer, the spokesman for Representative Peter Visclosky (D-Indiana), told Roll Call:


The Defense Department requested fiscal 2020 funding to support certain reconciliation activities, including logistic support for members of the Taliban and, in March 2019, they sent a notification letter to the Committee on using fiscal year 2019 funds for similar activities.”

Visclosky is the chair of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense. The request meant that Trump’s Pentagon was asking for reimbursement for expenses incurred by the terrorist organization as they attended peace talks, as well as advance funding for any similar upcoming travel. Rep. Visclosky’s bill forbids the federal government from fulfilling that request, and specifically forbids even related funding for activities the US is a party to that the Taliban engages in, if those activities don’t include the legitimate Afghan government or if they exclude women, as the Taliban are known to do.

You’ll remember that the Taliban was the group behind the shooting of Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl simply trying to attend school.


Trump wants us to pay for field trips for a terrorist group that is currently engaging in attacks on American troops — a force we’ve literally been fighting for nearly two decades. It’s like if Nixon had requisitioned Jeeps for the Viet Cong in 1973. One taxpayer advocate called it a case of “life imitating The Onion,” referring to the satire website that sometimes posts articles so close to real life it’s hard to tell truth from fiction during the Trump era.

Just in case your jaw hasn’t hit the floor yet, remember that the Taliban is already incredibly well-funded, mostly through the sale of opium and related drugs manufactured from the vast fields of poppies that grow in Afghanistan — more than $800 million a year goes to the terrorist group from their drug enterprises.

So let’s recap this. Trump wants to send American taxpayer money to:

  • A terrorist organization who
  • Routinely attacks American soldiers and
  • Is the primary driver of deaths here on American soil from opioid overdoses

Speaking of the drug trade, am I taking crazy pills or what?

Featured image is a screen capture.

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Calum Stuart